About us

Eureka Oleum LLP is a Kazakhstan based exploration and production company. The Company is a 100% Kultuk oilfield subsoil use license holder since 2015. Kultuk oilfield is located adjacent to the Caspian Sea in Beyneu district, Mangystau Region, Western Kazakhstan. The license area is 44 square kilometers and is valid till December 2027. The field is on Full Field Development (FFD) for Jurassic horizons and Exploration for Triassic horizons.

The field is producing from four production wells. One soviet era exploration well is currently being converted into water injector. For safety and security of supply reasons, the Company has constructed a 38 kilometer pipeline connecting Kultuk processing facilities with a newly constructed gathering terminal capable of handling around 3000m3 of oil and water next to Sarykamys village south of Tengiz field. For gas utilization purposes, the Company is operating four gas generators suppliying power to a field camp and well pumps.

The Company is committed to investing in new production capacities which will create new jobs and demand for local services. Local communities is the main source of employment for our operations while safety is the main pillar of our success.

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